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At Vertex Value Partners, we drive operational excellence to enhance market presence and revenue growth for B2B tech companies. Having partnered with over 80 B2B tech firms, we refine Sales & Marketing operations to unlock potential and accelerate growth.

We are your dedicated Operational Value Creators for GTM Organisations.

Optimizing Growth Potential

Within successful GTM organisations

GTM Potentials
We use our Operational Value Creation Levers to identify and utilize untapped potentials within your GTM Organization. This framework provides a deep analysis of your processes and market dynamics, identifying areas to optimize and unlock previously unrealized growth potential.
Sales & Marketing
We unlock significant efficiencies by aligning and integrating sales and marketing operations. Our targeted improvements streamline Sales & Marketing operations, enabling GTM organizations to seize new market opportunities effectively.
Market Presence
Our expertise enables GTM organizations to achieve differentiation in competitive markets. By identifying unique market opportunities and ideal customer profiles, we implement targeted market penetration tactics that ensure a competitive advantage.
In an increasingly competitive market, successful GTM organisations must continuously seek growth opportunities and operational efficiencies. By leveraging unique market insights and integrating sales and marketing operations, we can realize hidden revenue  potentials and increase profitablity.

This is not just an enhancement, it's a necessity for staying competitive and achieving long-term success.

We are the Operational Value Creators

Behind Growth

Vertex Value Partners embodies over a decade of combined deep operational expertise with an extensive track record of driving revenues for over 80 B2B Tech Companies. We deeply believe our partners' extensive industry knowledge and detailed customer insights are foundational to their success. Our Operational Value Creation Levers are a proven framework for systematically building on these insights and driving even greater results.

We work closely with leadership and Go-To-Market teams to formalize and replicate their most effective sales & marketing initiatives. Our focus on operational efficiency and market potentials results results in ROI improvements  of 20-40%.

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Vertex Value Partners brings  End-to-end alignment

to Marketing and Sales

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Case Studies

Explore how we've facilitated market entry and GTM validation, scaled operations across Europe, and built robust sales teams through partnerships with companies like SumUp and Workmotion.

Our tailored solutions address specific challenges and leverage unique market opportunities for substantial growth.

  • Market Entry
  • GtM Validation
  • European Market Expansion
Situation & Challenge

SumUp is the leading provider for payment solutions with over 4 mio businesses.

The second product - SumUp PoS just launched. Main goals were to build initial sales organization - including demand generation & new customer acquisition to customer success.  

Our Solution

Building together with SumUp the predictable sales processes from lead-to-closure.

Initial market entry with customer segmentation testing and market expansion into 8 European markets.

  • Scale Up
  • European Market Expansion
Situation & Challenge

Workmotion has built its initial HR platform enabling organizations to hire worldwide.

Workmotion planned its expansion into multiple European markets and was looking for an operational partner to execute the European expansion.  

Our Solution

Designing the GtM strategy and sales organization together with the CEO and founder. 

Guiding the initial sales leadership in their roles. Designing and building together the sales organization. We helped Workmotion with the 3rd party provider selection for the EMEA sales team.

  • Building a direct Sales Team
Situation & Challenge

MyHammer is Germany's leading marketplace for handymen.

MyHammer has grown successfully through inbound sales. MyHammer wanted to accelerate their revenue growth with their B2B outbound sales channel.

Our Solution

We helped MyHammer with a fractal CSO-leadership solution. Together with the CEO we designed the outbound sales strategy and built their outbound sales organisation for the German market. We onboarded the permanent HoS and gave leadership guidance.

  • Blueprint for the enterprise sales organisation
Situation & Challenge

bookingkit is European leading booking software for tours, activities & attractions

bookingkit has grown successfully since its founding. bookingkit wanted to expand into the enterprise segment. 

Our Solution

Together with bookingkit we designed the enterprise segment validation and built the organisational foundation for a dedicated enterprise sales unit. 

We delivered a fast and positive enterprise segment validation through the enterprise sales pipeline and initial new customers. The enterprise sales unit was designed & built with a hybrid team (internal & external)

  • GtM Assessment
  • Sales Due Dilligence
  • Blueprint Design & Implementation for a SaaS sales organisation
Situation & Challenge

finleap connect is the leading, independent Open Banking platform provider in Europe. 

Switching to a SaaS business model was a core component of the growth funding from Softbank. finleap wanted to build a SaaS sales organization to switch the revenue streams to SaaS.

Our Solution

Together with the company leadership we re-assessed the GtM strategy and performed the Sales Due Diligence.  

Based on the renewed GtM strategy we designed, built and optimized the new sales processes and SaaS sales organization with the finleap connect team.

  • EMEA market expansion
  • EMEA GtM Validation
  • Sales Blueprint for EMEA
Situation & Challenge

Shelf offers AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solutions

Shelf has grown in the US market from the beginning. Shelf planned to expand the business to the European market. 

Our Solution

We helped Shelf with the 3rd party provider selection for the EMEA sales team.

During our engagement we defined together with the GM & VP for Sales EMEA the GtM strategy and localization of the US sales blueprint for EMEA. 

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Our collaboration with industry leaders, including SumUp and IS24, showcases our commitment to driving optimization and achieving remarkable market cap growth alongside our clients

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